Stock Your E Cig Supplies Ahead


Even though e cigarettes are more convenient in so many ways, there are supplies you need to keep on hand at all times so you never run out of anything between orders:




 * New cartomizers so when you've refilled your old ones as many times as possible, you will still have something to puff on until your next order arrives.

* A 3rd battery just in case one of the 2 you are alternating burns out. You always want to keep at least 3 good batteries.

* Even if you don't refill all of your cartomizers all of the time, get at least one bottle of e liquid in your favorite flavor so you can refill your empty carts in case you run out of new ones before you reorder.


Are you confused about all of the battery and cartomizer talk? Just Click Here and I'll clear it all up for you!