Know Your E Cig Parts

As with any electronic item you own, you must know how to work it and what any components involved do. Here is a quick list of parts associated with an e cigarette and what they do:


E Cig Batteries:

The battery powers your e cigarette. You have more than one because you can have one charging while you are using the other. Batteries come in different sizes because they can provide different ohms and voltage for light or heavier puffers.


E Cig Cartomizers:

Cartomizers screw onto your battery stick and holds the e liquid that makes the vapor. Cartomizers are equivalent to about 1/2 to one pack of tobacco cigarettes or more depending on which brand and style you buy. They are refillable with e liquid from a bottle and can be refilled numerous times before finally disposing of them. Cartomizers can be purchased in different flavors and nicotine strengths.


E Cig Chargers:

There are a variety of e cig battery charging options available today. Wall chargers, usb chargers, car chargers, and charging boxes. You can usually get certain chargers with a kit and others you might have to buy separately.


E Cig E Liquid:

Use e liquid in a bottle to refill your empty cartomizers. This makes it easy to save more money using your e cigarette. To learn more about e liquids, Click here!